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“International society of expert criminologists”
Resolution of round tables held on September 26-27th, 2020

In the rapidly evolving world, all aspects of our lives and societies inevitably change, and organized crime and criminal traditions are no exception. Oppositely, usually, the criminal world is the first to react to changes, which necessitates having up to date information and understanding new tendencies and progressions.

On September 26-27, 2020, the round tables were held by the “International society of expert criminologists” that brought together different experts from Canada, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Great Britain, and Ukraine. The “International Society of Expert Criminologists” unites leading experts in criminology, criminalistics, organized crime, money laundering, wildlife crime, criminal traditions, investigators around the globe to objectively look into ongoing global issues and prognose their further developments. The goal of the “International Society of Expert Criminologists” is to provide up to date assessments of criminalization tendencies every three-four months and search for effective countermeasure tactics on national and transnational levels.

The following questions were the subject of round tables:
1) What are the current tendencies in criminalization on the national and transnational levels?
2) Will the post-pandemic era require new methods of countermeasures?
3) Have the prognoses stated in the previous meeting came true, and if yes in what ways?