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Round table on organized crime and criminal traditions 28-29 April, 2021

Round table questions:
1) What are the current tendencies in criminalization on the national and transnational levels? What has changed after the last meeting (Sep 2020) if anything?
2) Prognosis for 2021 and relevant crime prevention methods.

Key speakers:
Dr. Prof. Jerome Krase (USA)
Dr. Prof. Emilio Viano (USA)
Dr. Oleg Maltsev (Ukraine)
Jeffrey Danik (USA)
Dr. Prof. James Finkenauer (USA)
Eduardo Almeida (Brazil)
Avi Nardia (Serbia)
Costantino Slobodyanyuk (Ukraine)

It will be broadcasted by Granite of Science publication on Facebook and will be uploaded to the EUASU YouTube channel.

Round table 26-27 September, 2020

1) What are the current tendencies in criminalization on the national and transnational levels?
2) Will the post-pandemic era require new methods of countermeasures?
3) Have the prognoses stated in the previous meeting came true, and if yes in what ways?

Key speakers:
PhD Oleg Maltsev
Prof Antonio Nicaso
Dr Jerome Krase
Dr Emilio Viano
Jeffrey Danik
Eduardo Almeida
Salvatore Amato
Dr James Finckenauer
PhD Don Pinnock
Dr Ko-Lin Chin
Prof Alexander Sainchin

Broadcasted live by Granit of Science media

Ongoing threats in the context of a city
August, 2020

The International Science and Practical Conference «City as a Classroom» is designed to bring together leading experts and academics in all things related to cities (researchers and scientists, urbanists, photographers, architectors, writers, journalists, developers) to ultimately reflect on questions and find theoretical and practical answers, centered on finding the logic and tactics of implementing the «how to make this civilization a flourishing one».

Key speakers:
PhD Oleg Maltsev
Eduardo Almeida
Dwight Wilson
Dr Ryan Bishop
Avi Nardia
Prof Maxim Lepskiy
Moderator: Prof Vitalii Lunov

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Watch online panel video on YouTube

Will organized crime take over? PALE 2020
May, 2020

During this current global threat, people do not feel secure, regardless of the country they live in. Most countries proved to be unprepared for the pandemic by demonstrating their vulnerability and instability on the world stage. For this reason, at the moment crime has high chances to become the only support for many people. In such a case will people find themselves in a new order in which society will strive to become part of criminal organizations.

Key speakers:
Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev
Prof. Antonio Nicaso
Prof. Maxim Lepskiy
Ph.D. Don Pinnok
Prof. Aleksandr Sainchin
Dr. Athina Karatzogianni
Dr. James Finckenauer
Moderator: Associate Fellow of UAS Costantino Slobodyanyuk

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Watch online panel video on YouTube